Giving Feedback to Companies – My Lunch Date at Rubio’s

Today I will provide you with an example of great customer service.  I often write to companies when I’ve had a great experience.  Yes, there are plenty of instances when a complaint is necessary.  I also believe that a bit of good karma goes a long way.  Companies love to hear when someone is happy.  And there are real people on the other end of your letter.  This is an email that I sent to a restaurant via their contact form.


I am so excited to share my experience at Rubio’s.  I stopped for lunch with my son, looking forward to sharing a meal with him.  He likes the fish and beans from Rubio’s, so I knew he would enjoy his lunch.  What I didn’t know was how happy I would be during our visit.

Bryan took my order at the counter.  I asked him if they had high chairs, and he said they were all being used.  He took the initiative to borrow a high chair from a neighboring business so we could dine in.  As I carried my son on my hip between the table and the drink/salsa area and back, Bryan approached and let me know that he brought my order to my table.  After sitting, I realized I needed another plate for my son.  I brought him to the counter again, and Bryan immediately noticed us waiting from the back area.  He came up front and helped me right away. 

I did let Bryan know how appreciative I was after our meal, but I also think it’s important to tell you as well.  I don’t know if Rubio’s offers incentives or rewards to its employees.  Bryan does deserve some sort of acknowledgement though. 

I have had both positive and negative experiences at different Rubio’s locations, but I will go out of my way to return to this one.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Update:  I received an email from Rubio’s thanking me for my comments.  I was also informed that my letter will be forwarded to Bryan’s General Manager.  I am glad that they responded quickly, but I don’t like that they emailed me.  Their contact form specifically asks how I would like to be contacted, and I did select mail correspondence.  Email is often overused, and there is something to be said for taking the time to arrange and send a letter.  Maybe this is a minor thing, but it upsets me because I was provided an option and received something else.  It’s too bad that the customer service member placed a damper on an otherwise amazing experience.

Final Thoughts:

The experience I had at the restaurant and the back office were completely different.  I was so happy with my interactions with Bryan at the restaurant that I was compelled to write to corporate.  Unfortunately, the employee that responded to my compliments failed to simply read through my inquiry.  Paying attention is a part of good customer service.  The small things often leave the biggest impressions.




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