Contact Us: The Customer Service Experience

I’ve realized that when I shop, there is much more involved in my purchase than simply trading money for goods or services.  Yes, I am seeking to fill a need, perhaps a want.  But there are also other factors that influence my decision to buy.  Some of these things include the store, employees and even a previous purchase of another product within the same brand.  How I feel afterwards is important too, and will affect my impression of the product, brand and company.

Over the last ten-plus years, I have written to many companies.  I have written praise for a new product, gratitude for long-term consistency and quality, displeasure (and delight) over service and concern due to a cleanliness issue (hair where it doesn’t belong is never good).  I received many letters and emails in return.  Some of these letters caused me to like a company even more.  Others, not so much.

I like taking the time to write and share my experience.  I enjoy giving feedback, and believe that it provides value to the company I am writing to.  Sure, some of these are large multi-million dollar corporations that spit out form letters.  Surprisingly, I’ve also received many personal, fun and sweet replies to my feedback.  So I continue to write.

The Vocal Consumer will explore the many facets of the consumer experience.  I will share my own personal experiences, and walk you through my interaction with products and people along the way.  I’ll tell you how an item makes me feel and why.  I’ll bring you into my purchasing decisions and show you how I view products on a shelf.  I’ll share why I am compelled to take the time to give feedback for some products and not others.

Hopefully, The Vocal Consumer will cause you to think about your purchasing decisions too.  We are surrounded by branded products every moment of the day and night.  They have a purpose in our life.  Let’s find out how well they deliver.