Hello!  I am the type of person that reads the ingredients list on the back of a cereal box before placing it in my shopping cart.  Often, it goes back on the shelf.  I care about what goes on and in my family, and take the time to find food and personal care items that nourish and protect them.  I research safe beauty products and work to choose makeup that is natural and effective.  I am loyal to local and online stores that have won me over through customer service and consistency.

I write for the woman who wants to feel good about not just the product, but the company that she’s buying from.  She is family-focused and wants to buy products that nourish, help and bring joy to her family.

Over the last ten-plus years, I have written to many companies.  I like taking the time to write and share my experience.  I enjoy giving feedback, and believe that it provides value to the company I am writing to.  Sure, some of these are large multimillion dollar corporations that spit out form letters.  Surprisingly, I’ve also received many personal, fun and sweet replies to my feedback.  So I continue to write.

I share my experience with products and companies on the Vocal Consumer.  I hope to spark your curiosity into the products that are a part of your daily life.  They live in our homes and impact so much of who we are.  Hopefully, you’ll find some new favorites, and explore the ones you already love.